October 24, 2018  |  5:00pm - 8:30pm  

Qualcomm Hall  |  San Diego

The Quick Pitch Competition is one of the most recognized angel investor events in the nation showcasing talented entrepreneurs who are given 2 minutes each to pitch their business to an expert panel of judges, and a large audience of investors, business executives and community leaders who select the winners. The judges are given 3 minutes each to provide feedback on the pitches, which in turn helps influence the audience in their voting decision. Our 10 company finalists will receive invaluable coaching, and the top 3 winners will be awarded cash, plus additional business services from some of our generous sponsors. 

Last year's Quick Pitch was hosted by Tech Coast Angels-San Diego and San Diego Venture Group, with combined efforts of making it the best competition in San Diego. This program is designed to be fast-paced to keep the audience engaged, educated, and entertained. 

Please join us again this year for this celebration of entrepreneurship with an evening of high-intensity, dynamic pitches and an exciting competition.  


Why You Should Attend:

  • Network with experienced Tech Coast Angels and San Diego Venture Group investors.

  • Watch the exciting competition as these up-and-coming entrepreneurs sell their ventures in two minutes or less to an expert panel.

  • Meet face-to-face with the Quick Pitch Finalists and view their innovative product and technology displays.

  • Enjoy gourmet receptions, before and after the competition, and mix with movers and shakers from San Diego’s entrepreneurial and business community. Bring plenty of business cards!

 Click image to view the Top 10 Finalist

Click image to view the Top 10 Finalist

Once the competition Call for Applications ends, the top 10 Finalists are selected. In addition to the Quick Pitch competition, early stage startups are invited to apply to Tech Coast Angels (TCA) to be considered for investment by over 300 members across our five chapters in Southern California.

TCA screens applications monthly. Apply today for a chance to present to our membership. To fill out an application visit the TCA website:

 Click image to view the Coaches

Click image to view the Coaches

Once the 10 finalists are selected, each company is coached by a member of TCA-SD with the most experience in their particular industry.  The coaches provide valuable insight in preparing a 2-minute pitch, working with the presenter to refine their story to include enough information to sway the audience to select them as the prize winner.

 Click image to view the Judges

Click image to view the Judges

After each 2-minute presentation, our panel of expert judges – who are key players in the local and national startup ecosystem – will provide their analysis for the benefit of the audience, which, at the end of the event, will text message their vote for their favorite company to determine the final three winners.

Recap of 2017 Quick Pitch

The 11th Anniversary Quick Pitch was our best one yet with Tech Coast Angels and San Diego Venture Group joining forces for the first time! With over 500 attendees we had great audience participation and the feedback has been incredible, including comments about the diverse and interesting finalist companies, the insightful and entertaining judge's comments and the quality of networking before and after the competition.

The audience chose the winners and we had a new record cash prize of $50,000. Our last year's First Place winner of $30,000 was San Diego-based Ocella (now called Ateios), a team from UCSD who is creating a wearable flexible battery. The top 3 winners were Ocella, Aqua Design Innovations and Trust & Will, respectively. 

The 2017 10 Finalists:

Kevin Liang, Founder, Aqua Design Innovations; Paul Swaney, Co-founder, Enspero; Jennifer Cosco, Envy; Erik Groset, CEO, Fantasy Sports Co.; Ash Robinson, Fit4mom; Corey Mack, CEO, Laforge Optical; Lu Yin, CEO, Ocella; Greg Houlgate, CEO, Oska Wellness; Cody Barbo, CEO, Trust & Will; Cody Russell, Tunnel Vision VR

Thank You to Our 2018 Lead Sponsors