Our 2017 Quick Pitch Committee

The Quick Pitch committee is comprised of mostly volunteers donating their time and resources
to promote the startup ecosystem in Southern California and support the TCA and SDVG in their goals to help the best startups succeed. Whether it's through funding, introductions, advisory, or board support, these organizations strive to be recognized as best places to raise capital.

Please meet our committee members:


Amy Vavrunek

Tech Coast Angels - San Diego
Vice President of Marketing & PR
Quick Pitch Chair 2016 & 2017

Amy serves on the Tech Coast Angels - San Diego (TCA-SD) board as VP of Marketing and PR, and is responsible for running the Quick Pitch (QP) competition for her second consecutive year. As a TCA member and volunteer she uses her skillset and experience to lead the QP team to create the most memorable and important event of the year for TCA-SD.

ashok kamal.jpg

Ashok Kamal

Tech Coast Angels - San Diego
Executive Director

Ashok leads the TCA-SD chapter as Executive Director, and along with the help of the board is involved with all aspects of running the organization including partnering with Quick Pitch Chair to run the event. He is involved in many aspects of the event, including overseeing the team of QP volunteers and staff to accomplish the many tasks involved in putting on this very special event, and facilitating the finalists screening.

Krenn Headshot.jpg


San Diego Venture Group

Mike is President of SDVG and also the founder of VenturePipeline.com, a service that matches emerging growth tech companies with venture capital sources. He has helped more 50 companies raise funding, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with leading firms around the country. Over the years, Krenn has also counseled hundreds of technology companies on various aspects of their business plans, including management issues, market development, strategic partnerships and financing strategies.


Many TCA and SDVG staff, members and volunteers work behind the scenes to put on this magnificent event, special thanks to the following committee members:

SDVG: (Staff)

Ariel Ruben                           Cait Kelly

TCA-SD: (Staff and Analysts)

Hannah Simon                      Jared Martin                         Jinxi Li

Ying Sun                              Julien Josef Busch

TCA-SD: (Members)

Valerie Wentworth                Dean Rosenberg                  Jonathan Spangler      

Caitlin Wege                         Jeff Friedman                      Ashley Mullen               

Steve Flaim                           Sergio Gurrieri                    Jay Kunin

Bob Fried                              Joe Lima    


Juan Carlo Pascua